Leslie Sansone Walk At Home 5 Day Slim Down DVD

NZ$32.00 NZ$29.00
Instructor's name: Leslie Sansone

Type of Workout: Aerobics

Fitness Level:Intermediate

Equipment Needed:None

Total Running Time:97 Minutes

Release Date: 2008

Region: 0 (Worldwide)



A mile a Day Keeps the Weight Gain Away! Hey Everybody! Wake up and Walk! Energize your day and super-charge your metabolism with this weight loss program that has everything you need to walk off more weight. With Leslie as your personal coach, you can walk a mile each morning and never leave your home. Choose between 5 different invigorating 1 mile walks, or combine them together for all day fat burning that doesn't stop even when you do.

As an extra bonus, join Leslie in the kitchen as she guides you through the 5 best breakfasts to fire-up your metabolism. Lean how to prepare foods the fast and easy way and energize your day - the healthy way! Now you have the Meals and the Miles - the best way to start your day for weight loss!

Day 1: Classic Walk - It's why millions walk our way. This basic brisk mile is full of all the classic moves of "Walking at Home!"

Day 2: Sculpt Your Arms - Use more muscle of the upper body to burn more calories.

Day 3: Slim Your Legs - The best walking moves to slim thighs and tone the back end.

Day 4: Trim Your Tummy - Use more core muscles while you walk for a trim waistline.

Day 5: Speed Walk - Increase the speed to increase the burn for all over body slimming!

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