Lady Body Facial Hair Removal

NZ$175.14 NZ$87.57

You can remove excess hair from your body quickly, easily and safely.
Safe shave: Do not pull, will not cause large pores.
It is painless and will not cause damage to your skin or sweat glands.
Make the skin smooth and delicate.
Small and lightweight, easy to use and carry.
Ideal for shaving legs, underarms and other body parts.
Dry Shave with no nicks, cuts, bumps or irritation
18-karat Gold-Plated, hypo-allergenic
Pivoting head contours around curves
Bi-directional - Shaves up or down
Rechargeable with Built-in LED light

Product parameters:
1. Material: ABS;
2, the scope of application: household daily shaving hair trimmer;

The product contains:
1 x Hair remover
1 x USB charging cord

3 x Trim comb

1 x cleaning brush

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