Jewelry Wood Metal Polishing Abrasive Tools

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1.High quality Buffing Polishing Wheel.


2.Used for final polishing.Specially used for polishing jewelry, ornaments, or precise products.


3.It is made of mutillayers 100% cotton cloth sewn surround by the center,with a leather lip attached around the inner hole.


4.The layers of cloth edge with pile processing, suitable for metal, jewelry, hardware,stainless steel, aluminum products, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass and watch industry grinding and polishing.


5.Working with polishing wax polishing effect is better.




Tips: white is softer , yellow wheel is harder.


Type:Buffing Polishing Wheel

Outer Diameter: 4" ---about 100mm

                           5" ---about 125mm


                           6"---about 150mm


                           7"---about 175mm


                           8"---about 200mm


                          10"---about 250mm


                          12"---about 300mm


Inner Diameter:12mm


Thickness:15mm(50 Layers)


Material: cloth,cotton




Package Include:


1 x Buffing Polishing Wheel



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