Jari Love Get Extremely Ripped DVD

NZ$35.00 NZ$28.00
Instructor's name: Jari Love

Type of Workout: Toning

Fitness Level: Advanced

Equipment Needed: Hand Weights

Total Running Time: 60 Minutes
Workout 1: (toning)
Warm-up: 4 minutes (light toning)
Workout: 31 minutes
+ Bonus Track: 10.5 minutes abs
Cool-down: 5.5 minutes
Total Workout Time: 51 minutes
Workout 2: (toning)
Warm-up: 4 minutes (light toning)
Workout: 28 minutes
Bonus: 11 minutes Abs
Cool-down: 5 minutes (stretch)
Total Workout Time: 48 minutes

Release Date: May 5th 2009

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

Complete Workout
Workout 1
Workout 2




Are you ready to blast fat fast? Redefine and reshape the person you are meant to be! GET EXTREMELY RIPPED!

Using only the most effective calorie burning, fat-melting, high-rep exercises, you will lose weight quickly and see amazing results in just weeks! You will work all your major muscle groups in a continuous fashion, while keeping your heart rate elevated longer. The result? Constant calorie burn and a revved up metabolism during the workout and for hours afterward! You will literally turn your body into a fat-burning machine each time you do this DVD. From beginner to advanced, these exercises have modifications for all skill levels, helping anyone achieve the Ripped success

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