Intro to Tai Chi with David Dorian Ross

NZ$30.00 NZ$25.00
Instructor's name: David Dorian Ross

Type of Workout: Tai Chi Instruction

Fitness Level: Beginner

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 60 Minutes

Release Date: 2012

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

  • Learn the fundamentals of T’ai Chi
  • Master 9 easy-to-follow moves
  • Three 20 minute workouts teach you the principles of T’ai Chi plus 9 moves that come together into one flow
  • Balance mind, body and spirit
  • Made exclusively by Gaiam

Learn the fundamentals of T’ai Chi, and how this ancient art form can help balance your daily life with David-Dorian Ross. T’ai Chi has been proven to help with physical ailments, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and also improves mental clarity and focus. You’ll learn 9 easy-to-follow moves, and then put them all together into a traditional flow to balance mind, body and spirit. In “Entering the Flow” you’ll learn the first two principles of T’ai Chi – Slow Down and Relax – as you learn the first two T’ai Chi moves in your flow (20 minutes). In “Find the Still Point,” you’ll move on to the next two T’ai Chi principles – Sink Down/Stay Down and Be Neutral – while you learn the next three moves in your flow (20 minutes). In “Create Balance” you’ll discover the final two principles – Balance Energy and Coordinate – as you learn the final four moves that complete your routine. Watch then as all nine moves are put together in an easy-to-follow flow that you can master and practice daily (20 minutes). 60 minutes. Made in the USA.


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