Digital Password Lock Electronic Door Lock

NZ$286.25 NZ$143.12

Electronic Digital Combination Lock Password Keypad Number Cabinet Door Code Locks for Wooden Cabinet

This is suitable for the public or private storage cabinet lock, good quality, to protect property, please be assured that use. Main use and ambry, golf, bathroom and so on

Type: intelligent cabinet lock
Material : Zinc alloy, plastic
Keypad:5.5 x 8.5cm
Lock:11.8 x 4.4 x 3cm
Color: As shown

Start to use
Turn on lock

There are 2 groups password for you to use the cabinet lock at the first time.User code "1111"and Master lock "0000 0000", Both the user code and the master code are at latest 4-10 digits.
1. Input the right password you set (If you haven't changed, Please use the default password), then press "#"button to turn on lock.
2. If the password is correct, the green LED on;Or, the Yellow LED flick.
3. Please pull the door during the green led on.
Remark:"#"button for confirmation;"*"button for elimination.


Turn off lock

Private type: Push the cabinet door to the close situation, then can turn off lock.

Public  type: When cabinet lock at the state of opening (Latch/bolt at the state of retract) , push cabinet door to the state of closing, Input the password which you set, and press "#" button to confirm, Then can turn off lock(Input the password you set ,it can turn on lock again).


How to change your password 
1. Press twice the green button until the yellow light flash, then enter your old password
2. Press the green button to confirm
3. Enter your new password
4. Press the green button to confirm;
5. Green light flash one time,after beep twice, showing the new user password changed successfully.

 Emergency Treatment

1. when the user forgot password, use the management password or software size,

after the lock the user password for the factory password recovery.

2. if the lock when the battery is low, please use the attached to the external power  1 x Instruction Book (English and Chinese)

Public type change the user code

The public type don't need to change user code, the code which used to turn off the lock is the code can open it. The code can set as customer pleased.


Package Included:
1 x Lock Panel
1 x Lock Body
1 x Metal Hinge
4 x Screws for Lock Panel
3 x Screws for Lock Body
2 x Screws for metal Hinge


Please Note:

This intelligent lock is suitable for installing on the wooden cabinet only.


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