Individual Compartment Luggage Bags

NZ$80.00 NZ$39.95

Ensuring you have space for everything you need when packing a bag usually means laying everything out and working with the space you've got, but the 6 Piece Smart Packing Luggage takes a different approach. The unique compression design of the bags are intended to help reduce the space in your luggage by up to 60% in order to help you fit more and make the most of every single inch.

The  Smart Packing Luggage consists of a series of bags that are intended to be used with you various equipment to keep everything organized and individually separated. This includes bags for your tops, bottoms, shoes, electronics and much more to ensure you aren't rooting around for items on a constant basis.


Material: Nylon

Package Includes: 6 Pieces Bags


S: 17.7*13.2cm

M: 26.4*19cm

L: 33.2*24cm

XL: 20.8*12.2*16cm

XXL: 31*11.8*23cm

XXXL: 36*12.2*28.5cm

Shipping : 15-25 days

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