Ice Towel

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Struggle to cool off on a hot and muggy day? Or trying to cool down after a hard workout?
Ice Towel is for you! It is easy to use with a special cooling towel that can keep cools for up to 4 hours! All you have to do is put it in cool water and wring out the water. 

Using core technologies and processes, just water, instant cool rapid cooling, have long sustained a sense of cold, physical cooling, and can save energy. It can be reused during hot summer, and this should everyone must have. The cooling towel keeps you cool during walking, bike riding, golfing, fishing or other outdoor activities.When the towel is dry, it absorbs sweat and moisture away from the skin.

Perfect for anyone engaged in sports or outwork!

  • The cooling towel made of PVA material, durable, reusable and strong toughness.
  • The towel is soft, and the temperature is lower than the common towel.
  • Put on the human body, it can quickly absorb sweat.
  • Suitable for running, sports, camping, outdoor activities, medical treatment or daily life, etc.
  • This is a good gift choice to your friend
Uses for the Cooling Towels
  1. Places around or back of your neck as a Neck Cooling Towel
  2. Wrap around your wrist as an Arm Sweatband
  3. Wrap it around your forehead as a headband
  4. Wrap it on top of your head or under your hat as a cooling Do-Rag. Use this towel as a Yoga Cooling Towel, Sports Cooling Towel or as a Fever/Hot Flash Cooling Towel..
  • When using for the first time, please wash the towel in the water.
  • If the towel not in use, it becomes dry and hard.
  • And when re-use, please soak in water, wring and snap.
  • Size: 75cm x 10cm/29.53" x 3.94" (Approx.)
  • Material: Microfiber Fabric 
Package Include: 
  • 1 pc Ice Towel

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