Hot P11-5A LCD Digital Display Electronic Counter Punch

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Type: P11-5A    
Magnetic Induction Digital Electronic Counter Instruction    
1 {C}Five-digit big LCD, super low power consumption, large and clear indication    
2 {C}Press Counting/Pause key (Pause) to stop counting, after 0-30 sec,LCD indication will be automatically off and in standby state. 
        Press the Counting/Pause key again to turn on the indication and continue to count.    
3 {C}Use magnetic induction, easy to install and precise counting    
4 {C}Maximum counting speed: 20 times per second    
5 {C}Reset: through pressing the Reset buttons on board or exterior    
6 {C}Use the common 5th battery, free from external power supply    
7 {C}Anti-vibration, efficiently ensure the stable and reliable system operation    
8 {C}Free from mechanical abrasion, safe work, long lifespan    

Technical Parameters:    
Power: 1.5V—AA 5th battery    
Reset modes: board/exterior    
Counting range: 0---99999    
Available ambient temperature: -5-40°C    
Minimum counting PW: 10mS    
Dimension: 64*38*38*mm    
Distance within the magnetic induction: about 5-10 mm    
Distance out of the magnetic induction: ≥ 30mm    
Hole size: 61*36 mm    

Battery Installation:    
♦Make sure the battery is loaded before operation.    
♦First loosen two exterior screws on the external cover, remove the back cover lightly (do not break the signal line), 
♦then load one 5th battery (not included in this counter, customer should buy it by themselves, 
  the lifespan of common 5th battery is above half year, 
♦while the battery with high performance, costing 2 Yuan, is more durable for more than 1 and half years, 
  and next restore the back cover and two external screws.    

Application Method:    
Start counting: connect the magnetic control induction switch to the counting terminal,according to the requirements of actual operation, flexibly assemble the magnetic induction switch and magnet on the appropriate positions of device,and then do counting once, meanwhile, make the magnet approach,and leave the magnetic control induction switch once.    
During operation:make the magnet follow device with distance from the magnetic switch within 0.5-1cm, and then move the magnet to lengthen distance to be 3-5cm,and next, start count as 1, repeat the procedures, and accumulate count, like: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 … 
(Note: start count when the magnet moves away). 
During assembly, please adjust the positions of magnet and induction switch, as well as their distance.    
Pause counting: Press the Counting/Pause (Pause) key to pause counting. 
According to the running states of counter, the counter LCD indication will be off within 0-30 seconds and into standby state (power consumption nearly closes to 0),Press the Pause key again to turn on the LCD indicator and continue to count.    
Reset: directly press the Reset button;or additionally connect one Reset button (need to buy by end user) to the reset terminal, and then press it to reset the device. 

during reset,no matter the counter is in startup state or standby state (LCD has no indication), 
data will be erased and the LCD indication is 00000.     

Precautions and Special Introductions    
1 {C}The signal lines of counting and reset should be as short as possible. 
 Do not lay the signal line with strong current line or power line to avoid unnecessary interference; 
use the shielded line if necessary, which should be connected with the reset terminal.    
2 {C}The counting signal and reset signal only can be inputted with contact signal, other power signals are not allowed.    
3 {C}The induction distance is related with magnetism of magnet, 
        so the induction distance can be adjusted by changing the magnet.    
4 {C}The operation temperature of magnet should be within 70 degree, 
        over high temperature will cause magnetism lose, further to invalidate induction.    
5 {C}When the LCD indication is dim, please change the battery; 
        if the device will be shutdown for a long time, please press the Pause key to close LCD and auxiliary battery; 
        or take out the battery to prevent counter damage from leaked battery fluid.    
6 {C}The power consumption is very low, 
        so no need to save power through pressing Pause key to close the LCD indication 

Configuration List:    
1x  digital counter, 1x  magnet, 1x  magnetic induction switch,1 pair of supporters    

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