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Who Is Suitable To Use It:

❖People with stiff cervical spine ❖People who spend a lot of time looking down at their phones ❖People who work long hours in front of a computer ❖People who drive for long periods of time ❖A person whose cervical spine is bent forward ❖Patients with cervical spondylosis ❖Patients with neck pain A device that allows you to enjoy massage

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The benefits of this product:

1.It uses medically proven therapy and patented technology that relieves soreness, fatigue and relaxes muscles. 2.The neck massager main benefits is that it effectively treats degenerated, bulging or herniated cervical discs. 3.It utilizes combined Fixed Point Traction and Intelligent Air Pressure Traction System to restore the 26-degree optimal arch of the spine. 4.By gently stretching and decompressing the spinal cord, it helps to increase blood circulation to the structures of the cervical spine, oxygenate the surrounding muscles and relieve pain while promoting relaxation. 5.This neck massager has been carefully engineered to provide maximum comfort, efficiency, and ease of use and truly makes it possible for anyone to have a professional physiotherapy device at home.

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Product Presentation:

We have been focusing on neck health for 10 years.This neck massage physiotherapy device is designed for cervical vertebra problems caused by deformation of lumbar spine, stiffness of cervical vertebra, long-term use of mobile phone or lack of exercise.This product can not only play the role of massage, relaxation, but also can play the role of pulling cervical vertebra.Use it daily to improve cervical spine problems.


Based on the microcomputer chip control system, combined with fixed-point reciprocating traction and intelligent AR pressure traction system, three kinds of continuous back and forth lifting can be realized, which can make the neck bone stretch height reach 10cm.We have three rhythmic automatic modes, namely comfortable relaxation mode, enhanced push-pull mode and active stretching mode, which can meet the needs of different users.


TENS(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), 3-5 centimeter deep into your skin. The underlying principle is relief pain by stimulating nerve cell viability. We also name it as "naturopathy".


Through warm and hot compress, our neck massager can relieve muscle stiffness, make muscles relax and comfortable, and relieve soreness and fatigue. Intelligent constant temperature can accelerate blood flow, remove cold and wet in your neck. Increase heating while traction the effect will be better.

Ashi electrode slice:

Make massage experinece for all your body.

LCD Intelligent Remote Control:

A variety of automatic mode to meet the different needs of users, detailed operation methods please refer to the instructions.

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After-Sales Service:

Product warranty for one year, warranty period can contact customer service for after-sales service, except for man-made damage.

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