High Performance Gravity Grappling Hook

NZ$90.00 NZ$53.00

When it comes to improving your mobility, a multi-faceted, dependable tool design can often be hard to come by. Your mobility is a top priority in your life, enabling you to get everywhere you need to go, but sometimes, you may not need your grappling hook in your back pocket. But when it comes time that you do need it, there’s no substitute for the endurance and function that one provides. That’s why you need a grappling hook with a multiple-use design.

The ideal grappling hook has a wide range of applications – from helping you get around tough terrain on hikes, to letting you snag hard-to-reach objects at home. The National Parks Depot Gravity Activated Claw and Grappling Hook provides you with this extra functionality, with a range of useful functions to ensure that you’ll never want it out of reach.

The stainless steel design of this grapple claw is durable and versatile, able to grab and pull objects from hundreds of yards away. In its native form, this hook is a claw – able to separate and reform around objects under only the power of gravity. Included, however, is a second, separate claw attachment. When inserted into the hook, this attachment converts your grabber claw to a grappling hook, which stays closed and provides a steady, sturdy fasten to both its own rope and a variety of environments.

This grappling hook is a great tool for a prepared hiker or survivalist. Experienced hikers and climbers know that even though it might be easy to reach a position, it won’t always be as easy to get back out of it. This grappling hook is a fantastic tool for such scenarios, presenting a small, lightweight design that can always be within reach. The grapple design also presents fantastic options for an aspiring parkour enthusiast, allowing them to easily grapple up to out-of-reach rooftops or cross gaps.

At home, the hook design is gravity-activated and compact, making this tool fantastic for retrieving out-of-reach items. Whether you’ve dropped a wrench behind your tool bench or a ring down the kitchen sink, there’s no item too large, small or oddly shaped for this hook to pick up.

Whatever your plans or usage, the NPD Gravity Activated Claw and Grappling Hook is a must-have tool for any household. The versatile design and high-quality construction means that you’ll never want this hook out of your reach.


  • Gravity activated claw
  • Grappling hook attachment
  • All metal components are made of high-quality stainless steel
  • 2 rubber O-rings for securing the secondary claw via the stem of the hook
  • NPD trusts and values its customers. While this grappling hook is fantastic for helping on tough hikes, the grapple catch MAY NOT SUPPORT YOUR FULL WEIGHT. Use on steep vertical climbs at your own risk.
  • NPD does not condone trespassing or other illegal actions with the grapple hook. Please grapple responsibly.

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