Hanging Dress Jewellery Organizer

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When you wear your jewelry, you’ll have a chance to show it off. But what about when you’re just storing it?When that’s the case, you’ll need a place that’s safe, secure, and convenient. For that purpose, our Hanging Dress Jewelry Organizer is a college essential if you have more than just a pair of earrings or two as part of your college jewelry. This organizer for dorms also provides concealed storage since you can hang it right with the rest of your clothes. This organizer has a collection of pocketsand loops to store and hang jewellery. The best dorm supplies should be multi function after all! And while you can’t exactly wear this dress, the fact that it fits and hangs right in your college closet makes it a more convenient essential for college girls. When it comes down to it, lost jewellery or stolen jewellery is a big issue, one that’s best avoided with the right dorm organizers made just for jewellery.

Top Features include:
  • Double-sided jewellery organizer provides plenty of storage
  • Hangs right on a hanger like a regular dress - Slim, space-saving dorm organizer
  • Keep jewelry concealed in closet (helps prevent theft)
  • 32 clear pockets and 16 fabric loops to hold bracelets and necklace
  • Color: Black,Pink
  • Size :Approx.66*40cm/26*15.7in
  • Material: Non-woven fabric, transparent PVC window
Package Included:
  • 1 Pc Hanging Dress Jewellery Organizer

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