Handmade Osmanthus Flower Essential Soap

NZ$170.00 NZ$85.36

Get radiantly vibrant look from your head down to your toe in an instant with glow using this Handmade Osmanthus Flower Essential Soap! It is great for everyone.

The soap naturally attracts and locks in toxins, dirt, and oil that cause breakouts and irritation. It then washes it all away without changing the natural pH.

For Best Results, We Recommend Using 2 Soaps During a 1 Month Period.

  • Without Drying Complexion
  • Safe for Use
  • Gentle and Not Irritating
  • Dab the soap on hand to create bubbles. If there is no signs of allergy, rub the BUBBLES (not the soap) for 2-3 minutes then rinse. Do not use any lotion after since it has made your skin look smooth and healthy.
  • Please place this soap out of your children's reach.
  • External use only, avoid eyes. Stop using if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Ingredients: Saponin, Soapberry, Osmanthus Extracts, Flower Petals
  • Size: 10cm x 5cm

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