Hair Removal Instrument

NZ$1,109.93 NZ$554.97


Product color: white, rose gold, black Energy gear: 5th gear Light output energy: 3-5] / cm² Energy band: 470-1100nm Energy: 300000 Product power: 30W / 36W Input voltage: AC100-240V Output frequency: 50 / 60Hz Output voltage: 12V 2.5A/3A Product size: 12.4 * 8.3 * 4.85 cm Color box size: 22.6 * 14.3 * 8.5 cm

How to use it

Shaving preparation Before use, it is necessary to remove the naked hair outside the skin and keep the skin clean and dry. Turn on the machine Connect the power supply, make sure the lamp cap is perpendicular to the skin and close to the depilated area. Gear adjustment According to their own experience to choose the appropriate gear, the higher the gear, the better the effect. It is recommended that novices start from low gear Automatic manual Manual mode is recommended for small area unhairing, and automatic mode is recommended for large area depilation to improve depilation efficiency. Maintenance care After depilation, 1-2 times a week is recommended. After 8 weeks, maintenance and care should be carried out according to personal conditions

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