Hair Braiding Tool

NZ$42.00 NZ$20.95

Create a new and more attractive hairstyle in seconds, without any help from others. 

Hair Braiding Tool will give you the best hairstyle you ever wanted. You can do it in seconds. Besides, it is also easy to use and give you simple and elegant hairstyle, it does not only embellishes the shape of the head and face but it also achieves graceful and sweet temperament.

What are you waiting for? Bring it on now!


  1. Take a piece of hair from the top of the head and feed it into the first two loops of hair tool
  2. Take a piece of hair from one side, and cross it over top of Shang Du and feed it into the next loop
  3. Take a piece of hair from another side of the head and cross it over the hair tool and feed it into the next loop down on the hair tool
  4. Continue down the head filling each loop of the tool with even pieces of hair from alternating sides of the head


    • No chemical treatment, protect your hair
    • Easy and convenient to carry and use
    • For work, home, dinner, quickly to dress up
    • Brings you a new hairstyle in seconds


    Package Included: 

    • 1 Pc Hair Braid Tool (Random Color) 

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