Gas Stove Protector (4PCs)

NZ$38.00 NZ$18.90

Are you spending lots of time to clean your stove because of dripping sauces, burnt food and greasy oils? Don't worry, our Gas Stove Protectors can help you to save your time and keep your stove top sleek and neat

Bid your goodbye to the obnoxious bits of food stuck inside the stove! These gas stove protector will create a barrier to catch the mess and keep burners free of debris. Keeping your stove clean has never been this easy.

It is easy to clean as well. With this gas stove burner covers, it will prevent the oils, dripping sauces and burnt food with other dirty stuff from your gas stove.


  • Reusable stove burner covers last long and save your money
  • Non-stick gas range protectors keep your stovetop clean
  • Cuttable design allows you to adjust easily to your gas burner
  • Safe to be cleaned by dishwasher, FDA approved, no worries
  • Easy to remove when you need to clean them


  • Product size: 10.6 x 10.6 inches
  • Withstandable Temperature: Up to 260°


  • DO NOT use directly on flame or heat element
  • DO NOT cover gas holes of the stove
  • DO NOT use fahrenheit above 500 degrees
  • Remove protector before cleaning stove
  • This product is no fire retardant

Package Included:

  • 4PCs x Gas Stove Protectors

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