Diamond Painting Photo Custom Embroidery Picture

NZ$1,419.30 NZ$55.29



Drill Area:Full round diamond embroidery 

Our Advantage:30% extra diamonds,better tools,rolled canvas with Bubble foam, fast delivery,24hours customer service 

OEM Order: We accept OEM any pictures and sizes,can make your logo on canvas and packing box,Welcome Droppshipping 







  • If you need more background,the face will be blurred,We willrecommend  the most suitable size to you .

  • If you want the face have more details,if you need the face clear,we must cut this picture to right size.


Tools includes:Diamond plate,Glue,Tweezers,Pens(Stick 10 diamonds at one time)

1011diamond listdiamond mosaic diamond embroidery_

According to the color code(NO.  and  DMC),Find the symbols in picture,Please do not care about the number of QTY.



  • Sway diamond plate 

  • 60 degrees tilt 

  • Tweezers adjust the diamond, avoid cracks

  • Finally,compacted with cardboard



The painting size less than equal 30x40cm is bag packaging
The painting size greater than 30x40cm is box packaging

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