Fitpregnancy Fit Pregnancy Get Body Back After Baby DVD

NZ$30.00 NZ$19.00
Instructor's name: Jennifer Gianni

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning

Fitness Level: Beginner

Equipment Needed: Resistance Band (Included)

Total Running Time: 80 Minutes

Release Date: 2007

Region: 0 (Worldwide)



This DVD includes 5 workouts, ranging in length from 6 to 35 minutes. Each program is goal specific that targets a different part of your recovery period. There is also a "Fit Tips" segment on how you can exercise with your baby both indoors and out, as well as additional useful information on your recovery period including meal plans, weight loss tips, special cautions and more in the booklet enclosed and in the bonus section of the DVD

Program 1 - Back to Basics - offers 6 minuttes of gentle and easy moves that you can do right after delivery, even if you've had a C-Section, including breathing, stretching and getting you back in touch with your abs

Program 2 - Flatten your Abs - includes 6 minutes of ab specific exercises to firm and tone your entire midsection

Program 3 - Toning in 10 - is a targeted, 10 minute total body program that hits all of your muscle groups - thighs, hips, butt, abs and upper body

Program 4 - Circuit - combines both cardio and strength into one 16 minute workout - it's time saving, effective and really gets you on your way to dropping pounds, inches and getting back into shape

Program 5 - Get it Back - is for moms who are at least 3 months postpartum - a 35 minute workout that includes an easy to follow AND fun cardio routine along with strengthening and stretching

Total running time is 80 minutes and includes the stretchie band.

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