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We do the shipment during lockdown by Aramax courier from Auckland.


Ultra tough gym rings. These rings measure 233mm OD, 178mm ID, 28mm thick. Manufactured from indestructible polycarbonate - the same material used to make Police riot shields. Fool proof locking cam grips the strap firmly and won't slip. Add more tension, and the cam locks down even harder. Let go of the spring loaded cam and it automatically locks against the strap - simple! Complete with 4.5m straps so you won't be caught short, no matter where you want to use them.

These rings are great for dips, flyes, pullups, pushups - the possibilities are endless! By engaging so many additional supporting muscles, even basic exercises can become all inclusive workouts. For example, try doing parallel bar dips, but with a set of rings instead, and you'll find yourself working your delts, lats and of course triceps, in addition to targeting the lower chest/pecs. Switch from dips to pull ups in about half a minute, then on to push ups with another 30 second strap adjustment.

We offer a full 1 year warranty with this Ring.

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