Electric Air Lumbar Traction Device

NZ$2,496.46 NZ$950.12

Lumbar traction function:

Place the tractioner on a hard surface, lie flat on your back, inflate the bottom balloon and lift the lumbar spine. Let the balloon vent and lower the lumbar spine.Do this repeatedly to stretch the lumbar spine.The traction function can be operated in automatic mode or manually.

Heating Fuction:

The surface in contact with the whole waist has the function of heating. There are three temperature ranges that can be adjusted: 45℃-55℃, 55℃-60℃, 60℃-65℃.Heat up the waist and increase blood circulation

Vibration massage function:

This massager has double motor vibration massage, high frequency vibration massage at the same time of traction and heating, which can relax the waist muscles and relieve the waist pain and acid distension.

Remote control Operation Introduction:

“MANUAl” button: Long press this button to manually adjust the traction function. "Massage" button: This button can switch on and off the massage function. "AUTO1" button: automatic mode 1, heating + traction + vibration massage. "AUTO2" button: Auto mode 2, heating + traction. “HEAT” button: Three temperature zones can be adjusted.

2020 Upgraded model:

In addition to the function of heating massage and traction, we have added a large area pulse device, which can massage the lower back muscles more deeply and has three pulse massage modes to choose from. modes to choose from.


External TENS pulse device:

A pair of external TENS pulsing device is available for massaging all parts of the body while massaging the waist.


Upgrade the LCD remote control:

More intelligent operation, more fashionable appearance, let your waist no pain from now on.


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