EDC Outdoor Sports Military Fast Tourniquet

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EDC Outdoor Sports Military Fast Tourniquet One-hand Operation Ultra-light Easily Use Outdoor Survival Gear Tools Elastic belt

Product Description

Military fast Tourniquet. one-hand operation, Lightweight, easily use outdoor survival gear.



1.Turniquet in market is of variety, usually designed to be cumbersome and not strong and bad appearance. So looking at fast tourniquet of  EDC house.


2. Stainless steel metal structure device + an approximately one-meter-long thicken rope = Our Product. And You can bind them in a circle for carring, so lightweight space-saving. Simple operation, and taut it after perforation, so the place of bleeding can be fixed automatically.


3. Do not underestimate this compact, inconspicuous tourniquet, in unpredictable outdoor activities, maybe it can save your life (more details, please reference the operating manual). It also has other usage, because it is long enough, can fixed objects.



Total length: 103cm/40.55'' (tension nearby 260cm/102.36'') appr.

Elastic width: 1.27cm/0.5''  appr.

Material: Hardware + elastic rope


Package Contents:  1 * Tourniquet


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