Ecofuel - Fuel Saving Device

NZ$236.00 NZ$118.00

Cars from 1996 have massive boost over their predecessors, and that's in their OBD II features that gives owners computational control to monitor and tweak internal functions. The new Ecofuel - Fuel Saving Device is designed to study the OBD II protocol and remap your car's Engine Control Unit (ECU) to minimize fuel consumption and save cost.

Embracing a blueprint that works on Gasoline engines, the Ecofuel - Fuel Saving Device records your driving habit and use data gotten to edit fuel consumption and emission rate.

Popular for its ease of use, this device performance increases with time. It’s also easy to fix and remove without any technical input.


  • Reduces Fuel Consumption by up to 20%
  • Kicks Perfectly Into Action Within First 150/200 Miles

  • Ease of Installation, Easy to Uninstall
  • No Engine Health Hazard
  • Syncs Easily with Most Diagnostics Apps


  • Plug to OBD II 16 pin inlet usually under the dash, near the driver's seat, or in the vicinity of the ashtray.


  • Material: Plastic, Electronic Chips
  • Weight: 30g
  • Size: 2.5cm x 1.3cm
  • Color: Green


  • 1 x Ecofuel - Fuel Saving Device

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