E1 Fish Bite Alarm Electronic Buzzer on Fishing Rod

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Product Description

Booms Fishing Focus on Fishing Tools and Terminal Tackle!

We insist on making fishing easy!


Product description:

The buzzer is especially suitable for fisherman who are enthusiastic about multi-rods fishing.

Fish easily when you just clamp it on the fishing rod, and then wind the fish line on the rotor.

The Fish Alarm can work even at night with bright LED indicator.

You can accurately capture the alarm timely and put away the fishing rods and lines when fish bites.

It is easy for you to put it into your pocket or clip on the pole after every use.


                      Booms Fishing E1 Bait Alarm Details                           


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___________________________ - BOOMS BUZZER - __________________________


They’re very useful and easy to use,   I haven’t miss any of my catch because of this even when I was sleeping. 

---------------- Another must have item ----------------





_____________________________ - SUGGESTION - ___________________________


---------------- This kind of fish bite alarm for small size rod ----------------




__________________________ - CLIP WITH RUBBER - _________________________


---------------- Suitable for most rods and harmless to them ----------------


__________________________ - ABOUT THE BATTERY - _______________________


There are 3 button batteries in the battery house, Up to half a Year of Service Life. When the battery runs out,

---------------- replace the battery can continue to use ---------------- 


__________________________ - FRONT AND BACK - __________________________


---------- In front of it: Logo / Light / Induction turntable ,  In its back: Switch / Battery House / Speaker ------------


____________________ - REAL SCENE PRODUCT PHOTO - ____________________



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