D's Fat Burning Hip Hop Dance Grooves Country Styl

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Instructor's name: "D" - Devora Type of Workout: Aerobics Fitness Level: Beginner-Intermediate Equipment Needed: None Total Running Time: 46 Minutes Release Date: 2007 Region: 0 (Worldwide) Do you ever watch music videos and say: I will never be able to dance like that? Well, think again! D s an award winning choreographer, will teach you how to shed your inhibitions and make your body move like it s never moved before! Her easy-to-follow choreography will help increase flexibility and coordination, improve muscle tone and increase strength. This DVD features 4 different hip-hop routines, filled with the flyest moves, step by step, and puts them together into an awesome performance piece- that you can take to the clubs! Sexy, fun moves work the entire body, lose weight and burn fat with this award winning choreography! Ds Hip Hop Aerobics classes in NYC are jam packed at Crunch and Chelsea Piers. She is not only the most sought after instructor in all Manhattan, but she has also choreographed commercials for the GAP, SEARS, and worked with artists such as Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston. Devora is a NASM certified personal trainer.

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