Double End Measuring Spoon

NZ$36.00 NZ$17.98

All Your Measuring Spoon Sizes In Just One Spoon!

This All In One Measuring Spoon can measure wet or dry ingredients and can be adjusted on the fly! You can measure any type of ingredient with this Double End Measuring Spoon

Guaranteed to provide you with incredibly accurate measurements, this powerful new kitchen tool is an essential must-have for any baker or chef who likes to cook or bake with precision.

Now you no need to worry for over doze your material cooking. For Example, you can measure easily the sugar or coffee when making drink. Or, maybe you want to add some salt to your meal.

  • FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL: Eco-Friendly, dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean
  • GROOVED THUMBPRINTS DESIGN: Simply slide the button handle up or down for a fuller or lesser scoop. Easily measure any solid or liquids from 1ml or 1 gram to 13ml or 13 grams
  • QUICK AND EASY ACCESS: Easily tuck it away in any drawer or hang it on a kitchen rack
  • USEFUL FOR ALL OF YOUR RECIPES: Measure dry, liquid and semi-liquid ingredients

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