Dog Knee Pads Heal Pain By Injury Or Surgery Prevent Pets

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1: The leg support sheath can heal the pain caused by injury or surgery.
2: Provide support and stability during the injury period.
3: Help them relax their inflammation.
4: Helps to treat the loss of stability caused by arthritis.


1. Ideal for wrapping the legs to cover the wounds and wounds. Simply wrap the wound and wrap it in our support dog's leg shield to prevent shit and chew.
2. Your dog may suffer a lot of injuries from a knee injury because it will jump to the fence or garden. If the dog is exposed to these injuries, it needs
One of this dog leggings. .
3. Provide maximum support and stability. Helps: Stable sacral arthritis after fatigue injury supports any strain after surgery
4. Note that the sheath is removed 2-3 times a day, allowing the legs to breathe at night.



Size     Height          Width(Top)        Width(Below)    Weight

S:     14.5cm/5.70"      13.5cm/5.31         10.5cm/4.13"          40G

M:     17cm/6.690"       15.5cm/6.130"       12cm/4.72"          55G

L:     20cm/7.87"        18.5cm/7.28"        14cm/5.51"             72G




One set is two knee pads

Package Amount:1 x Dog Knee Pads

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