DIY 5D Owl Diamond Mosaic Set Christmas Decoration

NZ$499.50 NZ$68.59

  • Brand name:  Huacan Official Store  
  • Type:Diamond Mosaic Embroidery Owl
  • About frame:We sell the diamonds painting without Frame
  • Drill Area:100% Full square diamond embroider
  • The picture size: 25x20cm 30x25cm 40x30cm 50x40cm 60x45cm
  • NOTE:It is not a finished painting,you need to finish it yourself.
  • Attention:Dear friends,the smaller size picture is only for children's entertaintment and new hand practice due to poor effect . Picky and mind customers,please choose carefully!!



1_03  1_04  1_05  1_06  1_07  1_08  1_09  1_10 

1_11High Quality canvas , symbols is very clear.  

Special Glue Strong adhesion  


1_13  1_14  1_15  1_16 



1.Refer to the comparison table on the canvas to identify each diamond number which corresponds to a printed area on the canvas.

2.Put the diamonds into the plate.

3.Tweezers could easily clip three diamonds , stick so fast.

4.Fill the pen with glue.

5.Use the pen head to stick Multiple diamonds and slightly press down.

6.After finished, slightly press down diamonds with hand or book to keep them firmly attached.

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