Digital Thermometer 12V Temperature Meter K-Type

NZ$59.52 NZ$29.50


Item Describe:

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Type : -50-110C Embedded Thermometer

3. Material: Plastic

4. Size: 48 x 29 x 23MM

5. Refresh rate: 200MS / sec

6. Current: 18MA , Power supply line: 20CM , The metal probe' line: 1M


Function :

1. Measuring range: -50 ~ 110 °c , Measurement accuracy: 0.1

2. Supply voltage: DC5V ~ 12V (limit voltage 15V, exceeding will burn)

3. Applied : Car, Body temperature, Pool, Aquarium, Terrarium, Vivarium, water tanks, refrigerator, industrial equipments and All kinds Temperature Measuring


Note :

Pay attention to the positive and negative poles. The red line is the positive pole and the black line is the negative pole. When the reverse is connected, the chip will be burned.


Package include:

1pc * -50-110C Embedded Thermometer


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