Digital LCD Thermometer Hygrometer Electronic Temperature

NZ$112.32 NZ$59.67

Modern type outdoor indoor desk thermometer with hygrometer.
One cable with probe for feeling the outdoor temperature and humidity.
Indoor and outdoor temperature (min. or max.) and humidity (max. or min.) display.
One hole and one stand back of the thermometer that you can use on the home wall or desk table.
Rectangle white plastic appearance and wide LCD screen.
One switch back of the thermometer that you can adjust Centigrade or Fahrenheit.
Three buttons which is in the front of the thermometer (Max, Min, Reset).
Clear and correct display with easy to read Arabic number.
Outdoor Temperature range: -50 to 70 Centigrade (-58 to 158 Fahrenheit).
Indoor temperature range: 0 to 50 Centigrade (32 to 122 Fahrenheit).
The outdoor humidity can display on the screen when you are out; the indoor humidity can display on the screen when you are in, but they are not display at the same time.
It is widely used for the measurement of the temperature and humidity in houses, offices, workshops, schools, markets, warehouses, etc.

Device Type: Thermometer Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Meter
Material: Plastic
Temperature Precise: 0.1 Centigrade
Hygrometer Range:    25% RH to 98% RH
Power Source:    One AAA Battery (NOT INCLUDED)
Size: 12.5cm * 7.0cm * 1.92cm
Cable Length: 1.5 m
Weight: 110g
Color: White
Powered by one AAA battery (NOT INCLUDED).
Outdoor Temperature Range: -50 to 70 Centigrade (-58 to 158 Fahrenheit)


Package Content:
1 x TA318 Indoor Outdoor Digital LCD Thermometer Hygrometer Humidity Meter


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