Diameter 20mm Plastic Round Mini Thermometer

NZ$10.72 NZ$9.70

1)Temperature resolution: 1 (℃) ,Humidity measurement accuracy: 1 (RH)
2)Widely used in outdoor camping,outgoing,long journey Lightweight mini suction cup, compact and lightweight, easily suck on the screen
3)Convenient removal of the PC bottom bracket, accuratly fit, not easy to fall off
4)Temperature measurement range: -20-50 (℃)

Type: Analog hygrometer
Measuring range: -20 ° -50 ° (°)
Structure type: Radial
Surface diameter: 20mm (mm)
Accuracy class: + - 1 ° Size 20 * 7.8mm

Package Include:
1 x Thermometer


1) Q: Is this in the rental house not too small to be accurate?
A: No, it doesn't matter the size of the space.
2) Q: Is it waterproof?
A: It doesn't matter if you touch the water.
3) Can the cigar box be used inside?
A: Yes, the temperature measurement is quite accurate.


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