Diabetes Relief Healing Chrysocolla Bracelets

NZ$42.49 NZ$19.47


Malachite is a beautiful and attractive, fresh blue-green stone, with detoxification of liver, kidney, intestine and other healing characteristics. It also helps to re oxygenate the blood, regenerate the pancreas, and regulate insulin, making it the perfect stone for alleviating diabetes.

It also has the ability to promote the mechanism of bioenergy self-healing and improve the immune system, thus helping to achieve a healthier and stronger body.

The actual product may be slightly different from the image in color, pattern or texture, because the natural characteristics and composition of the quarried gem define the unique beauty of each gem.


Name: natural chain of Malachite for diabetes relief

Material: natural stone

Category: Bracelet

Process: manual grinding

Color: Green

Size: the diameter of chain is about 70mm, and the diameter of beads is about 8mm

Package includes: 1* Bracelets

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