2 Way Pneumatic Valves

NZ$150.00 NZ$75.00


Model Number: 2V025-1/8-12VDC

Valve Type: 2 Way Normally Closed (Valve opens with energized)

Port Size: 1/8" NPT Female Port,1/4" NPT Female Port(optional)

Coil Voltage: DC12V

Service Media: Air, Gas, Liquid, Water

Operation Model: Direct Acting

Flow Model: Uni-Directional

Flow Rate: 0.23Cv (Fluid Flow)

Response Time: Less than 50 ms

Operating Pressure: 1.2Mpa(can be operated at 0 PSI (Vacuum))

Operating Temperature: -10 to 80 °C

Coil Power: 6.5W


Body Material: Aluminum

Seal Material: NBR (Buna N)

Armature Tube Material: Brass

Plunger & Spring Material: Stainless Steel

Package included

1 x  Solenoid ValveGSGJ24100-8GSGJ24000-6GSGJ24000-7GSGJ24000-8GSGJ24100-1GSGJ24100-2GSGJ24100-3GSGJ24100-5

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