custom-made Baby Name Stamp

NZ$80.24 NZ$36.78


Stamp Size:38*19*59mm Mark Size:8*27mm Ink color:Black Stamp Color:Pink,Blue Package Include: 1*stamp 1*20cm print tape 1*Protection Box -Support all language(Hebrew,Russian is OK) -Within enough ink in stamp,can print over 1000 times,last 2-5 year Takes 2-3 day prepare and send out



1.Suit for cotton/modal fabric. 2.Please confirm you have do enough practice,the stamp can not remove after you have sealed. 3.only A2/V2/S1/M6/M7 pattern able to add phone number. 4.For enough clarity please offer name in 12 letter

Must tell me name so I can do the stamp for you!You can not do it by yourself!!

If you don’t tell me the name within 3 days, I’ll put the last name of the recipient into


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