Glucose Meter Blood Sugar Monitor

NZ$486.33 NZ$135.73

Cofoe Yili Glucometer Glucose Meter Blood Sugar Monitor Diabetes Tester Home Measurement System with Test Strips &Lancets


1, Please use up the test strips within 3 months once you open the vial. 2, This device supports mmol/L ONLY, unit of measure can NOT be converted to mg/dL. 3, The expiry date of test strips is up to Aug 2021.

Product Features:

1.Free coding ,more accurate. 2.Accurate results in 9 seconds. 3.200 test memories. 4.Less pain, 0.6 ul micro blood collection. 5.Voice broadcast ,more convenient. 6.One key to discard used strip. 7.Free 50pcs Lancets,1 x blood sampling pen,1 x PU carry bag.

Normal range:

(1)Fasting blood glucose (FBG):3.9-6.1m mol/L(70-110 mg/dL). (2)Postprandial blood sugar (2 hours after a meal):3.9-7.8m mol/L(70-140mg/dL).

Attentions for measuring:

Please don't make continuous measurement in a short time, Normally, u should measure glucose in these four time point: 1: In the morning on an empty stomach 2: 2 hours before meal 3: 2 hours after meal 4: before sleeping If u want test the accuracy of the meter, u need compare with the hospital, the body affects blood sugar with food, mood and sleep, in normal people with abnormal blood sugar levels fluctuate a lot before and after a cold. so in the best don't measure the glucose at a time, in normal we can choose three days, in these three days the rules of life are basically the same, same diet, and test at same time, then judge the accuracy of the measurement.

0.6ul Blood only


The monitor starts automatically when the strip is inserted.

Displays the value in 9 seconds

Voice broadcast

Can record 200 sets of test results

One click to exit the test strip

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