Cleaning Repairing Tools 6pcs Professional Steel Solder

NZ$83.20 NZ$44.20

Item Describe:

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Type : 6 sets of welding tools

3. Material: Steel plating

4. Size: 16.6cm

5. Color: Sliver and Blue

6. Best matched for repair and assembly work. 
7. Variety of application for holding, removing, cleaning, etc. and for precision work. 
8. These solder assist tools can be widely used in printed circuit board assembly and maintenance of the welding operation the shape of different terminals. 
9. To meet the welding operation requirements of press, cutting, scraping, hooks brushes etc. 
10. Applicable to integrated circuit assembly and disassembly, precision electronic components, welding, grinding, cleaning, repair and so on. 
11. Indispensable tools not only for radio enthusiasts but also for the professionals. 


Package include:

1 x Solder Assist Knife
1 x Solder Assist Fork 

1 x Solder Assist Reamer 
1 x Solder Assist Chip Hold 
1 x Solder Assist Brash

1 x Solder Assist Needle

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