Chakra Meditations with James Philip

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This Beginners’ Meditation has been created by James Philip, one of the UK’s leading healers and intuitives. As a healer, James was constantly being asked for quick meditations that people could do on a daily basis to enhance their lives. In response he created these six fast and effective, 10 minute beginners’ meditations for people to incorporate into their daily lives, whether that is in the car, while commuting, during a lunch break, when you have some spare time or right before you go to bed.
The meditations specifically focus on areas that most people want to improve in their lives such as abundance of wealth & health, reducing stress, living your true path, etc. These six 10 minute, fast and very effective recordings will help you tune into yourself on a deeper level and will help you clear any blockages holding you back from the life you want.
The subjects include:
So whether it is increasing your finances or trying to relax so you can fall asleep, these sessions will leave you feeling grounded and empowered.
Listening to these recordings will improve your life! So let’s begin.....
James is a regular teacher at Omega US, Triyoga UK & College of Psychic Studies in the UK.
Instructor's name: James Phillip

Type of Workout: Meditation

Fitness Level: Beginner

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 62 Minutes

Release Date: 2016

Region: Region 0 (Worldwide)

Introduction - 1 Minute
Energizing - 11 Minutes
Abundance - 9 Minutes
Creativity - 11 Minutes
Rapid Rebalancing - 9 Minutes
Stress Release - 10 Minutes
Relaxation or Sleep - 11 Minutes
Audio Setup - Instruction & Music or Music Only Option

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