CC1 Wire Gate aluminum carabiner clips

NZ$63.54 NZ$18.73


Product Description

Booms Fishing Focus on Fishing Tools and Terminal Tackle!

We insist on making fishing easy!


Product description:


Light and strong carabiners for quick clip and gear hanging.


Multi-use outdoor tackle, works as gear hanger, keychain, backpack buckle, bottle clip and so on.


Wire gate delivery more durable spring power and wider gate opening than solid gate.


No sharp edges, well made aluminum alloy loop and stainless steel gate.


Great for outdoor light-use fishing, hiking, traveling, etc, but NOT for climbing.


Product Image:


BFFACC1K0120-001 BFFACC1K0120-002 BFFACC1K0120-003 BFFACC1K0120-004 BFFACC1K0120-005 BFFACC1K0120-ail BFFACC1K0120-swatch

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