Cathe Friedrich Hardcore Series Gym Style Legs DVD

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Instructor's name: Cathe Friedrich

Type of Workout: Toning

Fitness Level:Advanced

Equipment Needed:High Step, Weighted Barbell, Resistance Band, Hand Weights, Stability Ball

Total Running Time:60 Minutes

Release Date: 2005

Region: 0 (Worldwide)



Gym Style Legs workout DVD is a comprehensive 60 plus minute workout that focuses on the use of compound and isolation exercises which target the legs, glutes, and buttock area. Both traditional and non-traditional exercises will help strengthen and firm even the most stubborn areas. This workout will use a wide variety of weight ranges and rep patterns in a controlled manner. Do this workout one to two times per week and in conjunction with our other Gym Style Workouts. Here is the breakdown of this workout:

Warm Up

Standing Legs
Barbell Squats
2nd set 3rd set plus bonus reps
Front lunges w/dumbbells
set #2
Rear lunges w/dumbbells
Plie Squats w/dumbbells
2nd set
Leg Press w/band
2nd set barbell deadlift w/toes elevated
barbell stiff legged deadlifts on high step
slow motion lunges w/dumbbells
standing calf raises

Floorwork Legs
Tibialis anterior toe pulls
Glute squeezes on the ball
One legged Roll Outs on the ball (this goes right into glute presses)
Glute Presses on the ball
glute tucks w/step and band
Roll In's on the ball
Inner thigh squeeze on the ball
Inner thigh lifts w/band
vertical outer thigh press w/band
outer thigh raises w/band

Music Provided by Big Beat Productions

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