Car Keyless Locking

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Do you have a vehicle that has central locking? (when the driver's door is locked... all the doors lock) Then this keyless entry kit works for you! Converts your manual door locking into full remote central locking!


  • Remotely lock and unlock your car
  • Direction light flashing
  • LED indicator
  • Central door lock automatically
  • Remote car location
  • Remote trunk release
  • Rising power window


  • Condition: Brand new
  • Control box size:Approx. 8.5x6x2cm (LxWxH)
  • 2 Remote Controllers size: Approx5.5x2.8x0.5cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 225g
  • Distance: About 60 - 80 meters
  • Working Voltage: 12V
  • Working Current: 12MA
  • Working Frequency: 315MHz


1 x Control box 2 x Remote Controllers 1 x LED connection wire 1 x Wire 2 x Adhesive tape 1 x User guide

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