Camo Maple Ghillie Camouflage Suit Net

NZ$281.04 NZ$105.39


Camo Maple Ghillie Camouflage Suit Net Jungle Birding outdoor Huntting Poncho Durable Sniper 3D Maple Dimensional Cloak

Product Description

 Products material:3D maple Leaf  suit  is a super light, comfortable and silent three dimensional camouflage poncho. 

Color:  Woodland and desert available.

 Weight: 1.6 -1.8 kg per set.The entire suit weighs 60KG and packs easily a large pocket or small bag.

 Size: Average, the bigger size can be customized.

 pieces of a set: jacket, pants, storage bag

he goods will package with a bag which the color is the same as to the ghillie suit .

 Functions:   tanks, artillery, armored vehicles, missiles, vehicles, missile launch vehicles, missile launchers, airports, arsenal, command posts, individual equipment camouflage

Application :

1. The jungle, desert, ocean and snowfield warfare and military action.

2. Military equipments and projects ect.

3. Military theme bars, military store decoration and military enthusiasts.

4.  Restaurants, parks, house decoration

5.  Military film props and stage background installations

6. bird-watching, hunting

7.  Paintball games, CS games and sniper.       


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