Broom & Mop Organiser

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Having a bad home storage in your house? Well, your equipment deserves to be organized and hung neatly. Not only for brooms and mops but as well as, guitars, sporting goods, hardware tools, cleaning tools and even a kitchen tools.

Introducing, Broom & Mop Organiser. A great choice with internal grip and hook for more purposes. It is an easy release by lifting the handle, rolling balls automatically to adjust the handle's thickness and grips securely. Absolutely holds up to 7 pounds.

Attached the organizer rack to the wall with screws. Fast and easy to fix. Easy hang and removal of brooms, mops, and tools


  • Anti-skid technology, ABS engineering plastic, firmly stuck mop, and do not hurt mop
  • Built-in spring, surface anti-skid buckle design, the heavier the mop, the greater the frictional resistance, so it stuck more tightly
  • The load-bearing weight of hook can reach 10kg, clamping place can withstand 3kg. Strong bearing capacity, anti-fracture, anti-fall. 
  • The hook is bendable, save space
  • You can also open to hanging objects. Practical and convenient. 
  • Scope of application: can hang mops, brooms, shovels, and other rod-shaped household tools.

How To Use:

    3 Sizes of your Choice: 

    • 5 Racks (5 friction grips and 6 hooks): 40.5 x 6.2 x 8.2cm ( L x W x H ), load-bearing: 15kg.
    • 4 Racks (4 friction grips and 5 hooks): 33 x 6.2 x 8.2cm ( L x W x H ), load-bearing: 12kg.
    • 3 Racks (3 friction grips and 4 hooks): 25.8 x 6.2 x 8.5cm ( L x W x H ), load-bearing: 10kg.

    Product Includes:
    • 1pc Mop Hanger
    • 1pc Bag of Screws 

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