Bobbin Tower

NZ$58.00 NZ$29.00
Tired of the tangled bobbins in your drawer? Bobbin tower is for you. Tangles no more and it will keep your bobbins organized and easy to locate. It fits any type of bobbins. Display all the threads for you to easily select. It is an easy operation and easy to use.
Each level separates from the rest so you can always have the bobbins needed for you current project on top as well as purchase and stack more than just one set.
Keep your bobbins neat and organized!

  • Keep your bobbins organized
  • No more tangles
  • Neatly organizes 30 bobbins
  • Neatly organize your bobbins with this handy little tower
  • Each level holds five bobbins of just about any size securely with out you needing to tape your ends
  • Bobbins are easy to attach and remove
  1. Wrap loose thread ends around each bobbin.
  2. Slide bobbins into sections of each bobbin wheel.
  3. Stack wheels on bobbin stand.
Package Includes:
  • 1 Pc Bobbin Tower

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