Blue Screwdriver Magnetic Pick Up Tool Screwdriver

NZ$52.48 NZ$27.88

Item Describe:

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Type : Demagnetizer or magnetizer

3. Material: ABS

4. Size: 4.9 x 2.8 x 5cm

5. Color: Bule

6. magnetizing screwdriver tips or just about anything else
7. It can also be used to demagnetize tools or parts you don\'t want magnetized



While awkwardly making a pick up onthe screws, just inser the screwdriver the " + " marked endto give a magnetized that the screws can be easily to pick up.
While repairin the electric appliances and electronic component & partssiply the screwdrive tip into the " - " marked end to give a demgnetized instantly


Package include:

1pcs* Demagnetizer or magnetizer





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