Blood Oxygen & Heart Rate Meter

NZ$150.00 NZ$60.94


Measure human hemoglobin saturation and heart rate through finger with Blood Oxygen & Heart Rate Meter.  Consistently beat other meter in terms of accuracy and reliability during clinical tests.

This applies to use in family, the hospital that includes clinical use in internist/surgery, anesthesia, pediatrics, intensive care, oxygen club, social medical organizations, physical care in sports. This can be used before or after sports. 

  • Reliable accuracy and durability
  • Two Color OLED Display, four display modes
  • 2-Direction Display adjustable
  • Low voltage indicator, Real-time spot-checks
  • Low power consumption,50 hours continuous to work
  • Automatic power off when no signal
  • Small and lightweight, convenient to carry
  • Widely used in hospital, home healthcare, oxygen bar, community medical center, alpine area, sports healthcare etc.
 Package Includes:
  • 1 Hanging Rope
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Blood Oxygen & Heart Rate Meter (without battery)
  • Blood Oxygen & Heart Rate Meter is not suitable to monitor patient continuously.
  • Shipping Delay between 25-45 days

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