Bhakti Mat Original Free Spiky balls

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Acupressure Spike Mat with FREE 1 Spiky ball and Mini Stability Ball Limited time Only

  • Made in India, Made in Hand by Spiritual City of Varanasi.
  • 100% Natural Organic cotton & natural dyes
  • Recyclable, durable ABS non-toxic plastic.
  • No chemical added  LOGO.
  • Bhakti Mat has 6,000 points
  • Shipping from Auckland
  • Original Bhakti Mat comes with Green & Orange colors.
  • Color : Orange
  • Mat is filled with 100% New Zealand made 15mm foam from Dunlop NZ.
Package Content:
1 x Bhakti  Acupressure Mat  Orange
1 x 10cm Spiky Massage Ball.
1 x 23cm Mini Stability Ball
What is the difference between the life of Bhakti Mat ?

Bhakti means Devotion or praying.

I personally belongs to India, I personally visited Dwarka India, India who manufactures acupressure  India for many many years and few international companies started using his company name worldwide .

We are the first company in New Zealand who buys the same competitor Mat directly from India.

Our mat's don't have any silly printed patterns that you will never even see when in use, or come with a bag you wont end up using just so we can charge you more...

All our certified foams we buy from Dunlop New Zealand.

We believe so much in the health benefits the Bhakti Mat offers, we want all of New Zealand to be able to own one at a reasonable and discounted price.

High quality ABS plastic ensures long lasting, blunt free spikes.
Everything you need to get the benefits and nothing you don't. It's that simple.

Brand New And Heavily Discounted - Bhakti Mats New Zealand are finally here from India.

**We are not associated or affiliated with the any MAT version of this product in any way - However we believe STRONGLY in our version of the product and the health benefits it offers... and at half the price!**


How to use mat :




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