Ballet Body Workout DVD - Jennifer Galardi

NZ$35.00 NZ$30.00
Instructor's name: Jennifer Galardi

Type of Workout: Toning

Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment Needed: Hand Weights

Total Running Time: 60 Minutes
Warm-up: 9 minutes (dynamic stretch)
Workout: 37 minutes (toning)
Strength: 13 minutes
Balance and Length: 13 minutes
Floor Barre: 11 minutes
Cool-down: 12 minutes (stretch)
Total Workout Time: 58 minutes

Release Date: 2009

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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If you've always desired the sleek, toned muscles of ballet dancers this workout is for you!Jennifer Galardi has created five mini workouts blending exercises from classical ballet, Pilates and yoga to deliver a workout that elongates and strengthens your entire body and feel amazing. Each segment delivers maximum benefits to ensure you'll see results whether you pick one or all routines.

WARM UP: Not your average warm up, this traditional dance conditioning sequence delviers a great workout, even when done on it own!

STRENGTH: This segment focuses on developing strong, lean muscles without the bulk. Light hand weights are optional, but you'll see results with or without the extra challenge.

BALANCE: A standing series of exercises that incorporate balance to target every muscle in your body. The results? A tight, toned, midsection, a lifted backside, and improved posture and 'presence' so you'll stand tall, slim and graceful.

FLOOR BARRE: This segment takes it to the floor, working your muscles from a different position for enhanced results. It combines ballet moves, Pilates exercises and yoga inspired postures to tone every inch of your body – even your toughest problem areas!

STRETCH: A perfect complement to any workout, this extended stretch session will elongate the muscles, enhance your flexibility and calm your mind. Perfect after any workout.

Jennifer Galardi is a professional and classically trained dancer who never wanted to stop playing sports! The star of six best selling fitness DVDs, she is adored by fans everywhere. Her workouts are innovative, fun and deliver results. In addition to her certifications and trainings in dance, yoga and Pilates, Jennifer is also certified holistic nutritionist. She is passionate about helping people combine fitness and nutrition for optimum health and loves dark chocolate, Peanut M&Ms and fresh, vibrant food!

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