Audrey Hepburn Inspirational Quotes Art Wall Decals

NZ$39.48 NZ$23.16


1 Material:PVC

2 Size:26.3*11.8 In


Measurement Products : detailed measurement please referrence to the effect picture

Product Material : Vinyl PVC


Pvc translucent material , can be pasted on the background of arbitrary walls , tile , glass , furniture smooth surface material etc

primer for removable glue , removable a huaidan remove , misbranding position or future \'re easy to tear off remove , residual won\'t glue stains will not be paste surface influence , fans in the future remove wall stickers when , don\'t forcefully unreconciled strivings , divestiture huaidan slowly , the other removable and according to all the walls all can , if wall bottom not ready embryo , can\'t grasp table paint . wall paint incompletely dry qimian decoration mixed with local dust impurity , wall these inadvertent if removed \'ll caused by wall paint the disturbingly flawed , advice by the best hair dryer heated after remove )



1.Removable .

2. Life waterproof .

3.Double faced visual pattern .

4.Green eco-friendly wall stickers !




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