ASAP Ab Lab - Paul Katami A.S.A.P. DVD

NZ$42.00 NZ$35.00
Instructor's name: Paul Katami

Type of Workout: Toning

Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment Needed: Resistance Band & Tubing

Total Running Time: 46 Minutes
Warm Up - 2 Minutes
Workout - 35 Minutes
Cool Down - 2 Minutes

Release Date: 2009

Region: 0 (Worldwide)


Band Camp is the newest band workout that delivers the results! Using the handheld rubber tubes, and the foot bands Band Camp brings you a specially designed workout to maximize your time and effectiveness. Band Camp delivers a calorie burn and lean muscle building workout like no other!

Paul Katami, creator of the Katamibar system, star of numerous fitness videos, and nationally certified personal trainer and fitness instructor brings you his signature sculpting class direct from Hollywood. Paul's exercises and sequencing will teach you how to tone, slim down and tighten up to create a lean and strong body.

Additional Information: Widescreen



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