Artnaturals Pure Rosehip Seed Oil 4 OZ - 100% Pure Organic Virgin Cold Pressed & Unrefined - 3 Piece Set - Great Moisturizer To Help Heal Dry Skin, Fine Lines And Scars,For Face, Nails, Hair And Skin

NZ$250.00 NZ$49.99
  • artnaturals aromatherapy
  • style: rosehip oil gift set
  • pack contents:
  • rosehip oil 118ml:
  • cold-pressed rosa canina (rosehip) oil from chile
  • FREE Signature Blend Zen and Chi 10ml oils
  • Shipped from Auckland
  • Comes with Gift Pack.

Product description

The subtle, woody aroma of this Rosehip Oil will charm you. This cold-pressed oil from Chile is a natural and effective moisturiser for dry facial skin, hair and nails. This little fruit contains approximately 60x more vitamin C than any other citrus, and is packed with vitamins A, E, and the antioxidants lycopene and beta-carotene, beneficial to maintaining a healthy, revitalised complexion. Discover the benefits of this 100% pure essential oil for yourself today!
FEATURES: * Artnaturals aromatherapy * Style: Rosehip Oil Gift Set * Pack contents: * ROSEHIP OIL 118ML: * Cold-pressed Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Oil from Chile * Natural, unrefined and chemical free * Restores natural shine to permed, coloured or dull hair * Helps heal dandruff and moisturises the scalp * Helps prevent cracked nails or hangnails * Helps sooth dryness and eczema * Combats wrinkles and discolouration on skin from UV damage * Improves skin tone, texture and pigmentation * Reduces scars and promotes skin regeneration * Bottled in: USA * Country of origin: Chile * SIGNATURE ZEN 10ML: * Pure essential oil blend * Aids with restful sleep * Contains lavender, sweet orange and rosemary * Helps to relax, alleviate anxiety, anger and depression * Helps control emotional stress and relieves nervous tension * Improves memory retention, headaches, and mental fatigue * SIGNATURE CHI 10ML: * Pure essential oil blend * Fatigue fighter * Contains fir needle, peppermint and eucalyptus * Alleviates stress by calming and mind and re-energising one's self * Induces a sense of peace, while enhancing a creative mind * Stimulates mental activity by increasing blood flow to the brain * * Includes an easy-to-use glass dropper * Comes in gift box


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