Anti-Slip Yoga Towel

NZ$45.00 NZ$35.00

Package Includes

1 x Anti Slip Yoga Towel

Anti Slip Yoga Towels

This super-absorbent microfiber towel has been designed to lay over your Yoga mat to keep yourself from slipping.

Comfortable, 100% eco friendly silicone nubs on the bottom of the towel give consistent traction all times.

Place on top of your Yoga mat or straight onto carpet at the start of your practice. When distributing your weight equally between hands and feet the anti slip Yoga Towel will grip directly into the mat.

The Anti Slip Yoga Towel can be used in several ways, such as:


  • Use as a blanket, shawl, or meditation pillow
  • Roll up for back support.
  • Used in reverse, the nubs stimulate pressure points on hands and feet
  • Extra grip for twisting asanas, arm balances or whilst spinning or using stationary exercise equipment
  • Skidless when dry or wet, if you are sweaty - great for Hot yoga

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